Instructions for all courses

(The instructions below apply to participants of all our courses in general)

Course "First aid at school"
Course "First aid at school"
Don't forget to take to the course:
  • Slippers: Because we will train a lot of things during the lessons and most of them are on the ground, we have different pads for you. But it's a shame they stepped on their shoes. Therefore, please bring slippers (for teaching indoors), but also sturdy shoes (which will be suitable outdoors).
  • Clothes that can be soiled. Because we try to make the situations you are learning to deal with as credible as possible, we prepare various masked injuries. Therefore, it is possible that you get dirty as a helper or as a rescuer, and we therefore recommend that you change before starting the class. Although we use food colors that can be disposed of quite well, darker clothes are still better (if you don't want to sacrifice them completely) and more pleasant for your fellow passengers on the way home if you don't travel by public transport (it's true that you would try readiness to provide PP to the general population, but ...).
  • Stationery and paper. You will receive all materials printed, so no mountains of notes are waiting for you. But even so, it's good to have something with you.
  • Above all, don't forget to take the determination to get into the basics of first aid and the desire to try things! :-)

Note: Sometimes we manage to take a few photos at the courses, which you can then download from our Facebook profile. If any of you really minded being in these photos, please let us know ...