Our research team

We are engaged in research in the field of first aid, but also in pedagogy, didactics, etc. And who researches and carries out everything in our country?

Current members

Lucie Drtinová

Student of pedagogical minimum

Thesis: First aid in biology textbooks for secondary schools (defended 2021)

Barbara Havlíková

Bachelor student

Thesis: Factors influencing the approach and motivation of primary and secondary school pupils to learn first aid

Václav Tichý

Student of pedagogical minimum

Thesis: "Attitudes of pupils and teachers to the elements of distance learning at upper primary school "

Barbora Váňová

Bachelor and pregraduate student

Thesis: "The effect of first aid course on disgust level"

Graduates (former members)

Petra Peňázová

Bachelor student

Thesis: The physiological aspects of drowning(defended 2020)

Andrea Havlová

Bachelor student

Thesis: The factors influencing the willingness to provide first aid as an example of prosocial behavior (defended 2019)

Hana Loudová

Bachelor student

Thesis: Actual trends in science education at primary and secondary schools with a focus on first aid (defended 2020)

Slavomil Jurnečka

Bachelor student

Thesis: Aspekty výuky laické první pomoci z pohledu zdravotnického záchranáře (defended 2021)

Bc. Adéla Křečková

Magisterský student

Thesis : Analysis of Misconceptions with Regard of First Aid Topic among Teachers and General Population of Czech Republic (defended 2020)