Here you have the opportunity to repeat, expand or go through the basic English vocabulary 🙂. It is ideal especially for those who are preparing for the subject "First Aid for Foreign Students" (but not only for them).

We repeat that for the purposes of the course, even basic English words will be enough for you. On the other hand, when you have a richer vocabulary, you will learn more. At the same time, since the subject is focused on "learning first aid", it is not possible to include the teaching of "English" directly - in addition, the participants have different levels (what will be a trivial repetition for some may be difficult for some). And of course it's okay and we're counting on these differences. However, we believe that the teaching aids below can help you gain some confidence in your vocabulary in advance, so you don't have to go to course under stress.

Below you can download in advance a list of words in the PDF, which is useful when you go through. This certainly does not mean that we will use everyone of them at the course. We will focus primarily on the so-called life-threatening conditions, which include issues of safety, checking of the consciousness and respiration, resuscitation, massive bleeding and an integral part is, of course, calling the emergency services. So try to repeat the words for these situations more. Other topics (suffocation, burns, poisoning, car accident) may come in handy. So consider your own current level and try to prepare accordingly (for those who are not English friends, they will try to learn at least the mentioned basic words, who is more advanced, can try superstructure words).