Overview of modules for practice

Below you will find a set of several "modules" in which you can test different levels and types of knowledge. These are basically learning applications in WordWall, Learningapps, Quizlet and others. There are currently 5 modules ready for you (marked as M1-M7 above on the bar; M2-3 are avaiable only in Czech version of the website). You will find more detailed descriptions below on this page.

Some modules are focused only on practicing vocabulary ("words"), elsewhere you train use in context, listening or pronunciation. You can go through everything or just what you are not very sure about. You can repeat your English in a more playful way - we have prepared various quizzes, sorters, completers, quads, pictures, etc. 🙂 Some tools also allow you to practice the pronunciation of words and whole sentences. Below you will find an overview of the individual modules and a detailed description of the activity.

We recommend completing the modules chronologically. The modules use the principle that the first module is, for example, intended for "learning vocabulary", while later modules work with those vocabulary more, etc.

PS: these environments also allow you to install the application on your smartphone, so you can then repeat the words comfortably, eg when traveling by public transport, etc. (highly recommended!)

Module 1: vocabulary and pronunciation

basic overview of English words

Module created in the Quizlet application for training pronunciation words in the form of so-called "flashcards". Althoughthis module is derivated from its Czech version (one side of the cards is in Czech, the second is in English). However, you can still use this module to train pronunciation. The cards will show individual English words and you click on the "Audio" icon to hear how they are pronounced. Vocabulary is divided into thematic sets ("resuscitation", "calling", "bleeding" ...).

Module 4: completing sentences

English expressions and their meaning in context

Here you will have the task of adding the correct English expression to the sentence, while the missing word can be at the beginning of the sentence, in the middle or at the end (you will know this by the assignment). You will always have a choice of four options, where only one option is correct. So you choose which of the 4 options you would add to the sentence at your discretion.

You wear ______ (latex or nitril) to protect your hands from blood.
  • scissors
  • CPR mask
  • band aid
  • gloves

Module 5: ordering

ordering procedures

A total of 10 tasks, in which your task is to arrange the individual statements chronologically as they follow each other in a given procedure. In this module you train not only words, but also phrases and sentences. Example task:

  • "Consciousness and breathing" (assign numbers 1 to 5, 1 = first step, 5 = last step)
  • Call him by his name.
  • Clap your hands and shake him.
  • Try the painful impulse.
  • Tilt the head back and check the breathing.
  • Call 155 and keep checking the vital signs.

Module 6: pictures

English expressions according to visualization

You will find 2 types of tasks here. In both cases, you will see a picture and English terms. In the first case, there is a condition / injury in the picture and you have the task to choose from 4 options which English expression of the picture description best corresponds. Example task:

  • What condition is in the picture?
  • a) foreign object in the wound
  • b) abdominal injuries
  • c) headache
  • d) stroke

Module 7: word search

Hooray for words searching!

A total of 21 tasks in which your task is to find among the random letters words that are related to the topic. Fortunately, you have help at hand - the list of expression you should search. We recommend using the module after completing the previous modules (it is ideal for repeating words). Example task:

  • Find the hidden words:
  • shock, bleeding wound, tourniquet, pressure bandage, pressure points, nosebleeds...