Module 7: word search

Hooray for words searching!

A total of 21 tasks in which your task is to find among the random letters words that are related to the topic. Fortunately, you have help at hand - the list of expression you should search. We recommend using the module after completing the previous modules (it is ideal for repeating words). Example task:

  • Find the hidden words:
  • shock, bleeding wound, tourniquet, pressure bandage, pressure points, nosebleeds...

1) Calling the emergency services

2) Unconsciousness

3) Resuscitation

4) Choking

5) Severe bleeding

6) Spinal injuries

7) Seizure

8) Burns

9) Injuries by electricity or lightning

10) Overheating, hypothermia, frostbite

11) Chest pain

12) Stroke

13) Limb injuries

14) Poisoning

15) Diabetes

16) Allergies and difficulty breathing

17) Car accident

18) First aid kit equipment

19) External body structure

20) Internal body structure

21) Basic diseases and symptoms