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Module 4:  completing sentences

English expressions and their meaning in context

Here you will have the task of adding the correct English expression to the sentence, while the missing word can be at the beginning of the sentence, in the middle or at the end (you will know this by the assignment). You will always have a choice of four options, where only one option is correct. So you choose which of the 4 options you would add to the sentence at your discretion. 

You wear ______ (latex or nitril) to protect your hands from blood.

  • scissors
  • CPR mask
  • band aid
  • gloves

In the first part you will practice the topics: Calling, General examination, Unconsciousness, Resuscitation, Choking, Bleeding, Spinal injuries, Seizures and Burns

In the second part you will practice topics: Injuries by electricity, Overheating, hypothermia and frostbite, Chest pain, Stroke, Head injuries, Torso injuries, Limb injuries, Poisoning, Diabetes, Allergies and difficulty breathing, Car accident.

In the third part, the following topics await you: First aid kit equipment, External body structure, Internal body structure, Basic diseases and symptoms.