Module 1:  vocabulary and pronunciation

basic overview of English words

Module created in the Quizlet application for training pronunciation words in the form of so-called "flashcards". Althoughthis module is derivated from its Czech version (one side of the cards is in Czech, the second is in English). However, you can still use this module to train pronunciation. The cards will show individual English words and you click on the "Audio" icon to hear how they are pronounced. Vocabulary is divided into thematic sets ("resuscitation", "calling", "bleeding" ...)

All words in an interactive form can be found on this platform. Words can be studied here in the form of double-sided flashcards. On one side there is always a Czech phrase and on the other an English translation, in the settings you can set which page will appear first.

In addition to this basic activity, there are other ways to practice your English words:

  • in the "learn" section it is possible to choose the translation of a phrase by selecting one correct answer;
  • the "write" part is focused on writing practice;
  • you can also train here in the spell section;
  • another activity is a generated test mixed from different questions on a given set;
  • the last two activities concern additional games.

In the list of words, it is possible to mark some phrases with an asterisk and then study them separately in all study modes. At the same time, there is a megaphone icon, after which the given phrase is played.

The words are divided into folders according to the topic. Thus, individual topics can be studied separately, or you can combine them into larger units. In the case of joining, after opening a set, it is necessary to click on the three dots under the flashcards and select the combine option. Then just choose what you would like to practice.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that full registration or login to an existing account is required to take full advantage of the application. If you do not have an account on the quizlet and do not even want to register, it does not matter. You still have the opportunity to download a pdf file with words and repeat from it, or use other modules. We created this option because it is a bit more playful, and in addition, it is possible to download the quizlet application to your phone (android and iOS) and practice your words, for example, when driving on public transport.